Quote of the day: ROCK MUSIC

July 25, 2012


For an adult, the world is constantly trying to clamp down on itself. Routine, responsibility, decay of institutions, corruption: this is all the world closing in. Music, when it’s really great, pries that shit back open and lets people back in, it lets light in, and air in, and energy in, and sends people home with that and sends me back to the hotel with it. People carry that with them sometimes for a very long period of time….

T-Bone Burnett said that rock and roll is all about “Daaaaddy!” It’s one embarrassing scream of “Daaaaddy!” It’s just fathers and sons, and you’re out there proving something to somebody in the most intense way possible. It’s, like, “Hey, I was worth a little more attention than I got! You blew that one, big guy!”

— Bruce Springsteen, interviewed by David Remnick in the New Yorker

2 Responses to “Quote of the day: ROCK MUSIC”

  1. Cal Gough Says:

    I thought this piece by Denby about Springsteen was one of the most skilfully-written essays (on any subject) that I’ve read in recent months. Love me some NEW YORKER MAGAZINE!

    • dshewey Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Cal. I totally agree — great, thorough piece on Springsteen in a somewhat surprising setting. The author, by the way, was not Denby but even more impressively the other major David at the magazine — editor-in-chief David Remnick.

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