Photo diary: mid-week recap

July 18, 2012

Saturday — after all day at a therapy conference, Ben Seaman and I had a drink at Mad46, the rooftop lounge at the Roosevelt Hotel, which has a great vista but an atmosphere of tension and drink-hustling

Andy and I had a yummy dinner at Terrazza Toscana, where this tribute to Bacchus graces the men’s lounge

Sunday afternoon — I spied this T-shirt in front of Fairway

Its owner was way proud to be photographed and eager to tell me where I could order it online at some website catering to rednecks

Sunday night — after seeing Beasts of the Southern Wild and enjoying drinks at Red58 served by the ever-friendly and handsome Milan, Andy and I and Mr. David Zinn strolled over to Fifth Avenue to check out the life-sized wax replica of Yayoi Kusama in the windows at Louis Vuitton

Kusama has a retrospective at the Whitney, and her polka dots have exploded all over Vuitton’s exterior

Monday night — Andy and I found ourselves in Soho, where the streets were spookily deserted

Our destination: Seize sur Vingt, clothing store hosting a party to celebrate the re-opening on Broadway of Fela!

It was never clear what these shirts had to do with this theatrical tribute to the Afro-beat legend — random cast members nibbled pizza in the lounge at the back while civilians drank cocktails featuring Bushmill whiskey, who apparently sponsored the event — but the DJ’s spun some hot vintage Fela vinyl, and Andy’s takeaway was a fixation with tracking down a digital copy of “Roforofo Fight”

On the N train home, these sweet boys sharing tunes

Wednesday — farmer’s market yield — no corn yet, but I’ll take a juicy nectarine and a tasty local tomato any day











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