Photo diary: the week ending Friday the 13th

July 13, 2012

I think I can definitively say this is the seediest fucking watermelon I’ve seen in my life. It’s like the karmic watermelon, containing all the seeds that were genetically removed from other melons I’ve eaten in recent years. I undertook the task of painstakingly de-seeding half of a small spherical melon as a meditative task. I can report that it is an exceedingly tedious job I will never do again, and performing it ran the risk of turning me off from watermelon forever. Just saying.

It also made this the single most labor-intensive salad I’ve ever made (45 minutes). Luckily, I had the Dirty Projectors’ new CD, SWING LO MAGELLAN, to keep me company. Quite good company!

new glasses — bought them in Bologna last fall and just had lenses made

my new favorite non-alcoholic beverage, still on sale at Whole Foods through July 31 — two six-packs for $8!

Watching Lotte Lenya in Jose Quintero’s mediocre film of Tennessee Williams’ THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE, I couldn’t help seeing Everett Quinton playing her in a remake/parody/hommage.

The DVD extras go to some length to talk about how sad Vivien Leigh was during the shooting, having just been dumped by Laurence Olivier. Her hairstyles are hideous up until Warren Beatty fucks her brains out, then suddenly she turns pretty. Sex can do that. Doesn’t she look a bit like Ann Magnuson here? Key line: “I won’t know you love me until you hurt me.”

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