Photo diary: Iceland day 5

June 9, 2012

Saturday morning, while Andy participated in the last day of swimming competitions, I moseyed around Reykjavik.

I stopped in to tour Hallgrímskirkja, the church whose 245-foot-high tower stands out on the Reykjavik skyline and serves as a navigational tool.

After all the ornate Italian churches I’ve seen in recent years, the interior shocked me with its Lutheran austerity.

Lurking around Cafe Loki across the street, trying to get a wi-fi signal, I started chatting with this handsome guy from Houston named Carlos Obando who turned out to be the co-president of IGLA.

Back at Laugardalslaug, the meet ended with the Pink Flamingo, a floorshow of sketches, this year by four teams. I liked the way the Iceland team used the light and the reflection off the pool.

But inevitably the large, boisterous New York contingent — with its plethora of local references and Icelandic in-jokes — won the Pink Flamingo competition, along with the water polo tournament and the overall championship.

The Pink Flamingo competition had three local celebrity judges, one of whom was this city councilwoman who presented the trophy — a stuffed dalmatian mink.

We didn’t have tickets for the IGLA banquet that night. Wandering around looking for a place to eat, we connected with a local couple who recognized us because they’d been volunteers for IGLA. Finn is a 33-year-old massage therapist and award-winning truck driver; Thorhalla is a 35-year-old linguist who grew up on a sheep farm. They met while working at the post office and described themselves as polyamorous bisexuals. We had a long walk and then dined together. I suppose we could have sought out Icelandic specialties like puffin, ram’s testicles, or putrefied shark, but they wanted pizza and we settled for pasta.

They took us to what passes for a gay bar in Reykjavik, Bar 46, where we met up with Thorhalla’s younger sister Inga, who was very drunk and very friendly.

2 Responses to “Photo diary: Iceland day 5”

  1. Inga :) Says:

    Yes I was indeed very drunk xD I’m glad the world knows I’m not usually like that. Amazingly and happily I remember meeting you guys cause it sure was nice to meet you 🙂

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