Photo diary: 5/12/12

May 13, 2012

Saturday was my birthday and a beautiful day, so Andy and I took a walk through the bland dead part of Astoria…

…’til we got to Astoria Park with its beautiful lawns and views of the East River, Randalls Island, and the RFK bridge.

we sat on a bench reading our books for a while

until we could no longer resist the siren call of the Mister Softee truck parked across the street.

obviously, we weren’t the only ones

we headed back into Manhattan — on the subway these little girls were riveted by the sight of a homeless man sprawled sleeping on an entire row of seating (while everybody else studiously avoided him)

Andy and Steve gave a concert with the Dessoff Choirs — Randall and I and Steve’s sister Terry attended — and we all went out for dinner afterwards to Malaga on E. 73rd Street

Andy and I walked back to my house, pausing to take in the windows at Barneys

and Bergdorf

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