Quote of the day: PRAYER

April 10, 2012


The third great prayer, after Help and Thanks, is Wow!

— Anne Lamott (whose birthday is today — happy birthday, fine writer!)

3 Responses to “Quote of the day: PRAYER”

  1. Cal Gough Says:

    Lamott came to Atlanta recently to read from the new book she co-wrote with her now-grown-up (and handsome) son. Packed house. So glad I went (as I did the last time she materialized here. How she keeps that humble aura about her with all her success, etc. is a marvel. So genuine, and so thoughtful and humane in her answers to questions from ye audience.

    • dshewey Says:

      she’s great, isn’t she? I’ve never heard her speak live but I always love reading her work and her interviews.

      • Cal Gough Says:

        If she ever does make it to NYC and you can go hear her, I wouldn’t hestitate: and be sure to go early – the huge place she’s spoken here (one of those gargantuan Baptist Church sanctuaries we specialize in here in the South) was packed both times I went…and I went way early. But so worth the wait.

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