Good stuff online: LOUIE

April 10, 2012

I virtually never watch TV shows. I’m one of those snobs who looks down on it, except for the occasional class act, like The Sopranos or Six Feet Under. But thanks to my new Panasonic BluRay DVD player whose remote comes with its own dedicated Netflix button, I’ve joined the streaming revolution. Aside from Downton Abbey Season 1, what’s most delighted me is the half-hour HBO series written and directed by Louis C.K., the unlikely comedy success — balding middle-aged red-haired (can you say hot?) straight guy. He does some of the most amazingly wide open comic raps on straight men’s curiosity about gay sex, not mention race, parenting, and awkward dating.

I thought more of his episodes would be available on YouTube for free viewing, but the only one of my favorites currently at hand is the infamous “Poker”, in which a bunch of middle-aged straight guys interrogate their gay buddy about what goes on at sex clubs — not to be missed.



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