Photo diary: a stroll through MOMA

March 30, 2012

Seeing decades of Cindy Sherman self-portraits in such profusion surprisingly increases my admiration for her. The transformations, especially involving crazy makeup and wigs and costumes, make them impressively theatrical. My favorites are the clowns, a logical and witty extension of her more grotesque experiments.

The “Exquisite Corpse” show has very little to do with the Surrealist-spawned parlor game among artists and a lot to do with artistic rendering of body distortions. I encountered some intriguing artists new to me (Andre Racz, above is his “The Flesh Fly”) and surprising pieces by old favorites (a fascinating multimedia collage by Jean Cocteau, below).

These smartphone pix of Paul Wunderlich’s delicate drawing  “Chair Man” (above) and Kenyan artist Wangenchi Mutu’s multimedia piece “One Hundred Lavish Months of Bushwhack” (below), which hangs right outside the “Exquisite Corpse” show, don’t do them justice — worth checking out in person.

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