Photo diary: weekend in New York City

March 26, 2012

Michael Serrapica (with Andy Holtzman and friend) at "The Eyes Have It," the Il Chiostro art show at 25CPW Gallery

starlettas in bloom on Jane Street

Mike Banino, guest of honor at his surprise 40th birthday party, singing with fellow members of the Hangovers, Cornell's a cappella group (Andy Willett and Terry Horner)

decor on the third floor of 5 Ninth

men's room wallpaper

singing in the limo on the way to the after-party ("A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and "Round Midnight," if you must know)

Kim and Jake


Viva, co-host (with Ian) of the Silly Mustache After-Party

the next day, on Bleecker Street after brunch at Jane: Uday, Anne-Cecile, Cesar, and Andy

the monthly video salon: Tom, Craig, Jonathan, Andy, Dave, Andy, Michael, and Stephen

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