Photo diary: Friday afternoon at MOMA

December 24, 2011

The atrium that serves as MOMA's town square currently hosts Croatian feminist artist Sanja Ivekovic's witty sculpture "Lady Rosa of Luxembourg"

The sculpture of a gold-plated pregnant woman responds to an idealized monument to female strength in Zagreb -- around the base, Ivekovic provocatively juxtaposes the legends KITSCH, KULTUR, KAPITAL, KUNST with WHORE, BITCH, MADONNA, VIRGIN.

In the Contemporary Galleries, an array of artworks caught my eye, starting with this one.

Andrea Zittel's wallpaper (above) serves as a mesmerizing backdrop for her geometric workd "Sprawl 1" (below)

Part of the gallery contains a skeletal cafe in which pots of curry and jasmine rice are prepared and served to museumgoers -- the whimsical work of Argentinean artist Rirkrit Tiravanija.

A recreation of a 1992 show at a Soho gallery, this installation is also a sly performance by the charming gender-queer docent who provides historical background and disarming conceptual collaboration.

More conceptual art involving eating: Felix Gonzalez-Torres' 1991 "Untitled" (Placebo)

As I knelt and helped myself to a piece of candy, I suddenly found myself in tears, remembering all the sweet friends who died of AIDS.

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