Photo diary: Brooklyn Night Bazaar (12/17/11)

December 20, 2011

My friend Jonathan Lerner, a former New Yorker recently returned from exile and therefore acutely attuned to goings on around town, invited me to join him in checking out Brooklyn Night Bazaar, a holiday market at a warehouse space in Williamsburg. Walking from the Bedford Avenue subway stop occasioned a spirited conversation between writers about the word "hipster," its snark valence, and whether its use is automatically ironic or generational.

It was indeed a kind of hip-and-groovy expo: wall-to-wall vendors displaying everything from hi/lo-tech artwork... vintage manual typewriters...

...lots of handmade jewelry...

...friendly people in great outfits like Carlos-Ameen Jureidini-Cully, whose company Yakblak sells vintage eyeglasses (many of them from a gigantic stash from Cuba)...

...along with the occasional reiki parlor (above) and socio-political champions (Sex Workers Project, Clean Plates).

Then there was the molto Williamsburgian food court, where we sampled bite-sized Korean sandwiches (bland), drank good local lager, and shared a yummy fried pear sandwich prepared by the vivacious Ella Nemcova, executive chef of The Regal Vegan.

Other goodies that looked delicious but we didn't try included these artisanal pastries...

...and Chris Forbes' Sour Puss Pickles.

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