Photo diary: Exploring Sensual Bologna, day 1

October 7, 2011

Ospitalita' San Tommaso, the monastery/residence connected to Basilica di San Domenico

at Santurario di San Luca, the magnificent church overlooking and overseeing all of Bologna, worshipers kiss a replica of the icon of the Virgin Mary, who was crowned Queen and Savior of Bologna

Andy and I basking in the sun on the steps of San Luca

John, Jennings, and Michael

Tim and Larry on the stroll down the hill

the road up to San Luca winds like a snake, and the monument was designed to have 666 porticos to represent the devil (the world) tamed by the power of the Madonna -- pilgrims have been known to walk this path uphill on their knees

on our way back to town, a marching band of bersaglieri suddenly turned the corner with their black-plumed hats and blaring trumpets

I love the funky edges of beautifully designed cities

St. Dominic figures heavily in Bologna's religious history -- at the Basilica, he is surrounded by what Andy decided were his seven vampire brides....

the head of St. Dominic enshrined

the gorgeous ceiling at San Domenico

Larry in the cloister at San Domenico

One Response to “Photo diary: Exploring Sensual Bologna, day 1”

  1. Gianni Says:

    Beautiful photos. John, Michael & Jennings look wonderful. Please give them my love.
    I wonder if the jocks were painted on at a later date in the Baptism of the Novices.

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