Photo diary: last night at Lincoln Center

July 12, 2011

Traffic jams, camera crews, and ardent fans took over Lincoln Center Plaza for the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie at Avery Fisher Hall. But the real action took place in the lobby of the Vivian Beaumont Theater where Anne Cattaneo, dramaturg for Lincoln Center Theater, received the prestigious Margo Jones Award for her contributions to the craft of playwriting and the life of the theater.

Beautiful tributes were given by Andre Bishop (a former recipient of the award himself) and Meryl Streep (who's received a few awards in her time)...

and John Guare, who co-edits the brilliant Lincoln Center Theater Review with Annie -- they each consider the other their second spouse. Their first spouses were in the crowd (Adele Chatfield-Taylor and Joe Santore), along with Annie's older son William and many distinguished theater folks, including director Adrian Hall (another Margo Jones Award recipient), Lincoln Center producer Bernard Gersten and his wife Cora Cahan, playwright/genius David Greenspan, and actors Lois Smith, Blair Brown, Deborah Rush, Mary Beth Hurt, and Joe Grifasi.

Afterwards I had dinner with my friend Collin Brown, who was visiting New York from Port Townsend, Washington, with his 15-year-old daughter Molly, a "Glee"-head who was geeking out on theater (they've seen "Wicked" and "Jerusalem" so far)

We had dinner at Cassis with Alvaro and Stephen, an early celebration of Stephen's upcoming 70th birthday, and then walked back to Lincoln Center Plaza, intending to check out the new David Michalek installation "Portraits in Dramatic Time," but it was cancelled tonight because of the Harry Potter premiere.

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