Photo diary: a stroll through Berlin

June 24, 2011

Sebastian took the train down from Hamburg to spend the day with me -- we had breakfast under a bright red umbrella during a torrential rainstorm at a biergarten across from the zoo


we walked through the Tiergarten, past the talismanic Siegessäule

admiring the Reichstag and other bits of monumental architecture

along with a fair amount of new construction

we walked along the Spree

to Museum Island, specifically the Pergamon Museum, which Sebastian had never visited (to my surprise) and which was a highlight of my first trip to Berlin in 1987

especially the recreation of an entire street from ancient Babylon

the walls and murals populated by mythological figures

and fierce animals of every description

many ancient pieces survive amazingly intact

but I also enjoyed seeing how fragments were displayed

many of them strikingly homoerotic

from the Pergamon we wandered over to Alexanderplatz, past the Dom and the Altes Museum, and spent some time in the ruined splendor of Oranienstrasse, the main drag of Kreutzberg

which reminded me of Soho in the '80s, or Williamsburg in recent years, or the Mission District in San Francisco

Kai joined us for lunch at Max und Moritz, and LeRouge came by with his handsome ex-boyfriend Misha

in the early evening, Sebastian headed back to Hamburg

and I wandered back to Kai's house through the multiculti splendor of Kreutzberg

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