Photo diary: Sari-oke, 2/5/2011

February 6, 2011

Andy's dear friend Sari celebrated her birthday with a party at U2, a karaoke emporium at 6 St. Mark's Place

Younger people associate this location with Kim's Video but for gay men of my generation it will always be the St. Mark's Baths -- what memories these hallways bring back!

The party had everything it took for the birthday gal (above) to celebrate in style...

including old friends willing to get silly....

party favors (modeled here by the lovely Yuri and Andrew)....

and of course karaoke, with the craziest assortment of selections -- not just the predictable early MTV faves and up-to-the-minute hits but everything from George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today" to David Bowie's "Rock and Roll Suicide"

Hours of fun for Sari and old college chums like Andy and Cesar

One Response to “Photo diary: Sari-oke, 2/5/2011”

  1. Steve V. Says:

    Ah, Don, the Saint Mark’s Baths. What memories indeed, for some of us.

    Faces, inviting or rejecting, some familiar, a few famous, most anonymous; bodies reclining on narrow cots in tiny cubicles, crotches exposed or barely draped with a towel; a glaucous light that seemed to slow your steps as you drifted endlessly up and down those cramped corridors, brushing past bodies that, even then, seemed spectral. Doors wide open to signal availability (potential), or ajar, implying mystery or wariness. When closed, you always sensed, and often heard, the sounds of pleasure given and received. Acrid smells of disinfectant, the throbbing beat of current hits, like Liza singing, “In fifty years or so, it’s gonna change you know, but oh, it’s heaven, nowadays.”

    We have heard the chimes at midnight. And lived, thank god, to tell the tale.

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