Photo diary: Max’s closet salon and Harlem housewarming

November 29, 2010

This is my friend Max rada dada -- artist, performer, magician, trickster. Sometimes he appears in Boy Scout uniform. Tonight he's favoring a look Andy calls "Rip Taylor meets Salvador Dali."

This is Max's partner, Tim, a special education teacher. They've been peripatetic in recent years -- after meeting in Hawaii, they've lived in West Virginia and New Orleans, driven back and forth across the country, and now they've landed in New York City.

They've just taken occupancy of a tiny garden apartment in a Harlem brownstone. So they hosted the first of several housewarming salons, showcasing a small sample of Max's artwork, which includes 20X24 Polaroids, sculptures, collages, and conceptual pieces.

He loves to use money as material.

He loves to collect unusual commercial products.

He loves to write on things or have people autograph them as an ongoing Warholian documentary of his/their/our life.

His latest passion is for "Unexceptional Tricks." Most of all, he likes to meet people, to entertain, and to encourage playfulness. He's the person who first designated me a Pleasure Activist, an identity I cherish.

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