Photo diary: celebrations

August 26, 2010

We celebrated Dave Nimmons' birthday at his friend Addy's Park Avenue penthouse...

as usual, Dave took the occasion to convene a salon on the topic of mid-life career re-evaluation and listened attentively to all responses

Glenn (in the hat) just completed his doctorate, parchment and initials after his name, the whole shebang -- so his wife Sharon, Michael and Dan, and Andy and I toasted him at Turks and Frogs in the West Village, followed by super-yummy dinner at corsino on Hudson Street

a brief work trip facilitated a reunion with RJ, who was heard to utter a deathless sentence guaranteed to bring on Long Island lockjaw: "I saw the film with Ondi at the Ambulante Festival in Oaxaca."

Mr. David Zinn joined us for the event and provided sound advice on Burning Man costumery. Later, asked for shopping advice, he texted another classic message: "It'll be easier to find tit clamps. Sweater clips are a vintage item." Say it aloud, and you'll know what I mean.

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