Photo diary: a stroll through MOMA 8-8-10

August 16, 2010

I always love checking out the atrium from above -- here you get the true minimalism of Yoko Ono's "Scream Piece"

I like that MOMA allows/invites visitors to photograph artwork in some galleries, like the "Contemporary Art from the Collection" show

I loved this piece by Fluxus pioneer George Macunias -- loved seeing the vintage household products, including one I never heard of but I love Brian Eno

the show features a bunch of old mixed-media favorites like Laurie Anderson's video for "O Superman" (with David Hammons' flag)

another classic: General Idea's AIDS wallpaper, based on Robert Indiana's banal iconic LOVE logo

the show includes several pieces by General Idea, the Canadian queer trio -- like this mock-up of an Olympic-style pavilion with naked boys in bondage

the witty legend is a performance in itself

Elsewhere in the museum: "Picasso Themes and Variations," including many rarely-seen, little-known drawings and etchings, like this one. Doesn't it look like one of Christian Holstad's erased-newsprint pieces?

this one also caught my eye -- you wouldn't necessarily nail it as a Picasso at first glance, which is one reason I like it

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