From this week’s New Yorker

April 25, 2010

I have to confess that I’ve never read anything by Saul Bellow, so I wasn’t the prime audience for the selection of his letters, but I was fascinated to perceive that most of them were apologies.

Also fascinating: in his Critic-at-Large piece on Tyler Perry, Hilton Als notes that 40-year-old Perry (the writer/director/creator of the Madea movies) is “the most financially successful black man the American film industry has ever known.”

And the usual funny stuff, including a Talk of the Town sidebar by Billy Kimball entitled “Least Common Complaints About the New iPad” (my favorites: “Strange odor coming from husband while using iPad,” “The iBookstore ichthyology section includes almost nothing on lampreys,” and “Insufficient media coverage”) and a great Roz Chast cartoon:

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