Photo diary: Sunday afternoon in Chelsea

February 1, 2010

I'm all for straight-talking advertising...

...but your sign painter could use spell-check

sunny Sunday on Sixth Avenue

Mike Lash's "Jealousy" (see Culture Vulture, below)

6 Responses to “Photo diary: Sunday afternoon in Chelsea”

  1. Steve V. Says:

    But the sign speller “siht” right if, like me, he’s slightly dyslexic. And check out “. . . the original Vnyl” in the “Brunch at El Centro” photo diary. People with spelling problems probably shouldn’t throw stones. (Great photo, though, Don.)

    • dshewey Says:

      actually, the restaurant is actually called Vynl. but that seems to be a choice…

      • Steve V. Says:

        As I left out the verb “is” in my original post (after “siht”), I’m obviously in no position to throw stones either! But I’m not sure that Don’s reply requires two “actually”s. What we both need is a proofreader, professional, full-time and strictly voluntary.

  2. dshewey Says:

    LOL — yes, I regretted the double adverb as soon as I sent it, and I haven’t yet figured out how to edit or delete replies in this format. The internet is either a feast or a nightmare for sticklers such as I and thou.

  3. Carlno Nunez Says:

    Are these sample photos took by your ipod? I like the photos…i just got issues when its night time..for the quality is not the same.

    • dshewey Says:

      I suspect these pictures were taken from my iPhone, Carlos, but I don’t remember for sure. I agree with you, the iPhone camera is great for daylight, terrible for nighttime or low light.

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