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Quote of the day: BEAUTY

July 22, 2013


Strangeness is the essential condiment of beauty.

— Charles Baudelaire


Photo diary: touring the James Turrell show at the Guggenheim with Andy and Adam

July 21, 2013

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7-19 turrell blue7-19 turrell floor blue7-19 turrell mauve7-19 turrell floor yellow7-19 turrell yellow7-19 trio red7-19 turrell red7-19 guggy white7-19 guggy purple7-19 purple trio standing

Quote of the day: GAMES

July 21, 2013


My son, age 7, is intensely competitive, just like his grandfather. Our house is basically a massive theater for what he calls “the foot game” — whoever manages to step on top of another person’s foot wins. How do I get him to put on his clothes? I time him, and then he tries to beat yesterday’s time. Every walk home from school is a race. He brings games home, too, almost every day. My most recent favorite is a game called “my grandmother’s underwear.” The rules are simple. People call out phrases like “You’re favorite thing to eat is” or “What are you wearing right now?” and you have to answer “My grandmother’s underwear” without laughing. A surprisingly profound game. What makes grandmothers’ undergarments so hilarious? Children are the source of all comic genius.

— Stephen Marche


In this week’s New Yorker

July 20, 2013

new yorker 7-22 cover
Three major reporting stories dominate: Rachel Louise Snyder’s very detailed, very upsetting, very informative article, “A Raised Hand,” about domestic violence and a tool that social service agencies have developed to successfully gauge the level of risk for lethal attacks by deranged partners (mostly husbands); “The Beach Builders,” John Seabrook’s fascinating story about how the Jersey Shore has been repeatedly repaired after storm damage, most recently after Hurricane Sandy; and Peter Hessler’s Letter from Cairo, which really helped me figure out how to understand the ouster of President Morsi and the current state of affairs in Egypt and educated me about Tamarrod, the inspiring ad hoc grass-roots political movement that managed to oust Morsi with phenomenal speed. Hessler’s lengthy report capitalizes on little glimpses I’ve absorbed — reading in an email recently about how the Muslim Brotherhood attempted to shut down Egypt’s opera houses and ballet companies — and accompanies George Packer’s lead editorial, which succinctly encapsulates the existential crisis that Egyptian politics faces. “The core political problem in Egypt,” writes Packer, “is one that almost always arises from years of dictatorship: a culture of suspicion and confrontation, a mentality of winner-take-all. Islamists and secular-minded Egyptians regard one another as obstacles to power, not as legitimate players in a complex game that requires inclusion and consensus…Nothing good will come of the overthrow of Morsi’s bad government if Egypt’s next transition doesn’t find a place for all of the country’s legitimate factions.”


Playlist: iPod shuffle, 7/15/13

July 16, 2013


“Ribbon Bows,” Joanna Newsom
“Golden Slumbers/The End,” k.d. lang
“Gronlandic Edit,” Of Montreal
“Deeper Understanding,” Kate Bush
“Bahamut,” Hazmat Modine (Pina OST)
“Gunbeat Falls,” Shabazz Palaces
“Dear Someone,” Sarah Gazarek
“Det haster! (of Montreal Remix),” Casiokids
“Venezuelan Waltz No. 3 ‘Natalia’,” Carlos Barbos-Lima
“The King’s New Clothes Were Made by His Own Hands,” Shabazz Palaces
“Come Into My House,” Queen Latifah
“From This Moment On,” Jimmy Somerville
“Accidental,” Inara George
“Id Engineer,” Of Montreal
“Hundred Dollars,” Punch Brothers
“Lammebada,” Natacha Atlas
“Ikea,” Jonathan Coulton
“Danza Kuduro (Meet the Oprhans)(By Sho0rty),”
“Sideshow,” Calexico
“More Love,” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
“Fine For Now,” Grizzly Bear
“Hello, Operator…I Mean, Dad…I Mean, Police,” Was (Not Was)
“Blastit,” Shabazz Palaces
“If You Love Me (Really Love Me),” Esther Phillips
“About Face,” Grizzly Bear
“Don’t Worry About my Mouth-O,” Monoaural
“Come Healing,” Leonard Cohen
“Baguette,” Panda Valium

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