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Quote of the day: HURT

September 23, 2010


When a beast is hurt it roars in incomprehension.
When a bird is hurt it huddle sin its nest.

But when a man is hurt,
he makes himself an expert.
Then he stands there with a glass in his hand
staring into nothing
as if he was forming an opinion.

— Tony Hoagland, from “When Dean Young Talks About Wine”

Photo diary: Bodyworkers in Touch

September 23, 2010

Hung and Louka

in the bathroom at Crissy's Cravings

Wolfie and Hung with random American in the parking lot

the temple at Easton Mountain is a beautiful space for a blessing ritual

the gang of bodyworkers

here's me receiving a sample of Tula Yoga from Louka -- all about balancing and letting go while hanging upside down from his feet

In this week’s New Yorker…

September 23, 2010

…I was most fascinated by Jane Mayer’s Talk of the Town piece on Walter Mondale, who makes a savvy assessment of Obama’s presidency so far:

“In my opinion, Obama had a few false presumptions. One was the idea that we were in a post-partisan era.” The other was “the idea of turning things over to Congress—that doesn’t work even when you own Congress. You have to ride ’em.” Further, he suggested that Obama should stop thinking about what he can get from the Republican opposition: “You should explain clearly what you want, and, if they oppose you, attack them for it.”
Also in this issue, nice piece by Rebecca Mead on Elevator Repair Service, whose production of Gatz coming up at the Public Theater is a must-see.

Photo diary: weekend in Bucks County (the anti-playa)

September 23, 2010

Andy in the hot tub, with rubber duckies

our hosts in the hammock, modeling the dress code for the weekend

o, those Italian designers!

Andy wearing his birthday present from his niece and nephew

Quote of the day: OPPORTUNITY

September 20, 2010


Don’t let opportunities take advantage of you.

— Patrick Scully

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