In this week’s New Yorker

September 8, 2013

weirded out by fruit cartoon
I didn’t read everything, but I did read Rachel Aviv’s long, long, long profile of NYU president John Sexton, David Finkel’s very moving report on psychiatric treatment for traumatized veterans, and Jill Lepore’s essay on Woodrow Wilson, which told me a lot of things I never knew about our 28th president. Namely: he spent the last seventeen months of his presidency almost entirely confined to his bed [after a massive stroke], the state of his health unknown to the public and little known even to his own cabinet. He could see only out of a tiny corner of his right eye….He could not use his left arm. He could barely walk.” Wilson was president of Princeton University and governor of New Jersey before occupying the White House, and he’s only U.S. president who earned a Ph.D.

exercity cover
Eagle-eyed copy editor that he is, Andy pointed out the curious contradiction in the sign on the building on Bruce McCall’s cover (above) — intentional or not?

dog genie cartoonanteaters cartoon

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