In this week’s New Yorker

March 16, 2011

Quick spin through this week’s issue:

Excellent Talk of the Town piece by David Remnick on how Benjamin Netanyahu is increasing Israel’s isolation.

Paul Tough’s article “The Poverty Clinic” asks “Can a poor upbringing make you sick?” Obviously, yes, don’t need to read that.

Ian Frazier on seals in New York harbor: St. Theresa not interested.

D.T. Max on a chess prodigy: yawn.

Dana Goodyear on two therapists who help movie industry creators with writer’s block by focusing on Jungian shadow work: I’m a therapist, so of course I read this story eagerly.

Ben Marcus’s short story “Rollingwood”: I met Ben at a writers’ colony once and liked him. His work is very strange narratively, and this is no exception — it’s a little tamer than usual but still unsettling.

Peter Schejldahl on Glenn Ligon’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum: very interesting.

Anthony Lane on Battle: Los Angeles and Paul: I always like reading Lane when he writes about dumb movies I’m probably not going to see. Very entertaining.

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