Playlist: iPod shuffle 1/22/2011

January 24, 2011

“Gainesville,” Linda Ronstadt
“I Wanna Roo You,” Van Morrison
“Statue of Liberty,” Laurie Anderson
“United State of Pop 2009,” DJ Earworm
“Quiet Fire,” Melody Gardot
“Five Small Words,” Elvis Costello
“Bad Body Double,” Imogen Heap
“Bow Down Mister,” Boy George
“The Warwick Flag,” Suzzy & Maggie Roche
“Past,” Sub Sub
“Longing for You,” Arif Mardin featuring Norah Jones
“Magazine,” Rickie Lee Jones
“Decade and One,” Vienna Teng
“A Piece of What You Need,” Teddy Thompson
“Detour,” Wesley Tuttle
“California Jump,” DJs from Mars
“Runaway,” Kanye West
“Solo Flying Mystery Man,” Pauline Taylor
“Window Wide Open,” Scritti Politti
“Once in a While,” k.d. lang
“Dual Blues,” Arif Mardin featuring Amy Kohn
“Inside + Out,” Feist
“Voices,” Madonna
“A Night in Egypt,” Taner Demiralp
“Godsdog,” De-Phazz
“Peace Beneath the City,” Iron & Wine
“One Evening,” Feist
“Slippery Slope,” Teddy Thompson
“Baby Please Come Home,” John Martyn
“I Thought I Was a Child,” Bonnie Raitt
“The Miller’s Son,” D. Jamin-Bartlett (A Little Night Music OCR)
“The Fire,” Imogen Heap
“Fly Me to the Moon,” Diana Krall
“Stuck Like Glue,” Sugarland
“Bina’s Radio,” Dudley Saunders
“Oil Man’s War,” Kathleen Edwards
“The Colour of Day,” Remy Shand
“Hero Dead & Gone,” De-Phazz
“St. Exquisite’s Confessions,” Of Montreal

“Brick,” Ben Folds Presents the Ohio University Leading Tones
“Alexandra Leaving,” Sharon Robinson
“This Time of the Year,” Finian’s Rainbow OCR (2009 Revival)
“VI. Spleen (Aquarelle),” Dawn Upshaw
“Two Weeks,” Grizzly Bear
“Jesus of Rio,” Crosby & Nash
“Davenport Blues,” Ry Cooder
“fly away,” the Black Eyed Peas
“Frankenstein,” Aimee Mann
“Dragostea Din Tei,” O-Zone

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