Quote of the day: UNQUENCHABLE

December 28, 2010


Even as, over time, the women’s movement broadened and became less radical, less ferocious, Daly continued to pace the boundaries, her rage unquenched. She referred to herself as “post-Christian” and as a “radical lesbian feminist.” At speaking engagements, she refused to take questions from men, saying it was important for them to understand what it feels like to be voiceless and ignored. “There are and will be those who think I have gone overboard,” she wrote in “Outercourse,” her 1992 autobiography. “Let them rest assured that this assessment is correct, probably beyond their wildest imaginations, and that I will continue to do so.” She was forced to retire from Boston College after, in 1998, a male student threatened to sue over her exclusionary policies, accusing her — with no lost irony — of sexism. It was another victory for the cockocracy, but it gave Daly, at age 70, a new wave of international publicity, a new platform from which to nag at the snools. “What they hate about my classes,” she said at the time, “is they teach women not to be afraid.”

— Sara Corbett, New York Times Magazine

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  1. Lisa Slack Says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Don.

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